Who is DJ Steele?



First and foremost, I love a travel adventure. It is wonderful to experience new cultures, explore different parts of the country, try new things (like dog sledding, rappel off a cliff, a shark dive), and meeting wonderful people along the way.

Travel recharges my energy and boosts my positivity. I am the glass is half full kind of gal.


Perhaps growing up as an Air Force brat has something to do with my wanderlust. I was born in the Philippines and went to ten different schools by the time I graduated high school. I have lived in Germany, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Montana, & Mississippi and now I have landed in a place I love, Fort Collins, Colorado. My husband and I hike as much as possible.

And yes, people in Colorado keep telling me I have a southern accent.


I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from the University of Georgia. The summer before graduation I had a summer job cruising timber in Lake City, Florida. The company would drop me off in a remote area of swamps and timber land (before cell phones) and my job was to walk through the forest and collect data. One morning while cruising timber, I discovered the body of a young man. It was that event which lead to my job with another timber company after graduation. That's another story for another time. I was one of the first female foresters hired in the private sector where I worked in the timber industry for over twenty years. Now you know I go way back.


Prior to writing my own thrillers, I edited seven award-winning thrillers for my husband, also a thriller writer.  Writing does not flow naturally from my hands. I have a lot of ideas for stories, but how to write ninety-plus thousand words to complete a novel is like learning to play golf and spending the entire time in the sand trap.  After I finally finished my first novel, I decided I had fulfilled my obligation to write a story about a real life hero in a fiction story. Yet, there is always something in my brain pushing me back to the keyboard.


Why a picture of an orange Harley Davidson Sportster 883?

That is my old bike—I rode it for many years. Another fun hobby was scuba diving. I even got to dive in Truk Lagoon where a Japanese naval fleet was sunk in 1944. Awesome experience.   


 I love to laugh and listen to classic rock. Most of all, I love my husband and children (all five of them).


And at the end of the day I like a glass of wine and dark chocolate. The glass of wine is always full.