I Feel Like it's Christmas. Am I Crazy?

The doorbell rings and my husband opens the door. He yells for me. I rush into the room and see him holding a large box and wearing a wide grin.

The feeling is, well, a little bit like having a baby. You're excited during pregnancy, but when your baby is delivered you're overwhelmed with joy. You have in your arms what has been developing for nine months. Then the crying lets you know motherhood has begun, changing poopy diapers, breast feeding, up all hours of the night. What's the hospital's return policy?

I fussed and moaned while writing my novel. I backed myself into corners with the plot. My time line needed help. I researched, wrote, rewrote, edited, edited more, and rewrote till it seemed I would never ever complete this story. I even questioned whether it's a good story.

Finally, I was done. Over 90,000 words. Thank goodness. Sit back. Relax. Kinda like the new mom gets to sit back and relax after the baby is born. Sure!

You spent endless hours writing your story. Careful to get it right and now that it's complete your work has just begun. You must market your book and sell it. Easy? Unless you're a professional beggar, it is incredibly hard. It's so hard to sell lots of books, you decide to take up shark diving.

Sales generate reviews and reviews help sell more books.

Independent authors don't have big money behind them, just like most moms can't afford to hire a nanny.

My gosh, the more I write the more I think my book is a baby. I didn't try to sell my children, but there were moments I considered it.

I remember my husband, Chuck marketing his books. We spent hours standing at book festivals, trying to sell his novels. There were times he sold a lot and there were times he did not. You wonder why some independent authors keeps writing when they aren't getting rich. If you break it down, an author makes less than $2.00 per hour. Are they crazy?

Why do authors continue to write? Why do authors get excited when their hard labor arrives as a completed product? Maybe, just maybe, it's because there is a reader who shows up at your book signing. A total stranger. They have read your book and took the effort to come by and let you know how much they enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one. They tell you how it kept them up all night, unable to put it down. Maybe that's what drives you back to the keyboard to write your next novel.

But, that doesn't mean authors aren't a crazy bunch. Or does it?

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