Broken Record

I just finished the rough draft of my second novel. It took me over 3 years and 98,000 words to get here.

I'll keep this brief for skimmer readers like myself.

My husband, also an author suggested I take a couple of weeks off, let my brain rest and then begin the arduous task of editing and tightening up the story.

My brain never rests.

There's probably a name for this condition, like restless brain syndrome.

I do my best writing when I'm not writing.

Many years ago I attended a lecture and heard Steve Berry say what makes a person write is that little voice in your head that just won't go away till you write that thought down.

I guess that's why I write. I never intended to write a novel., certainly not a second novel.

There are people talented in the craft who can capture their ideas as they type away.

I struggle.

I spend hours writing, only to go for a walk or even to bed and realize I need to rewrite what I had done that day. Or I will see, hear, and read something that spurs an idea that I want to capture.

You see my brain never shuts up. I'm an idea person, not a writer so I wrestle with my writings.

I write, rewrite, write, rewrite. Then I research, read books and rewrite again.

Why would any sane person subject themselves to this insanity?

I thought for a long time it was because I'm a person who always has to have something to do.

Yet, there are lots of things I could do. Volunteer, mingle with nature, gather with friends, or read a lot of good books. All those activities for me spur idea after idea after idea.

And as Steve Berry said, "The only way to get that broken record to release its hold is to write."

The end, for now….

Just had another idea.

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